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Dow Asphalt Company provides all phases of asphalt parking lot construction and maintenance. Spanning over four decades in the industry, there are very few job types that we have not encountered. Whether installing, expanding, resurfacing, or a simple maintenance repair to your parking lot, it is a costly decision and a large step to take. Therefore we feel that capability in experience and the competence to execute the project should be the deciding factor in confidently hiring your paving contractor rather than simply comparing prices.

Upon request your current parking lot or property will be evaluated to find a structurally sound, safe and functional surface to your property. Once beginning the project, we place as much emphasis on managing and coordinating potential disruptions and day to day operations to our clients business as we do laying the asphalt itself. If necessary, we will provide traffic control solutions and broken-down construction schedules to create an efficient and safe working environment for our customers as well as ourselves.

Below are some of our parking lot services and past projects:

  • Asphalt Paving
  • Asphalt milling
  • Full-depth installation- repair
  • New construction & subdivision roads
  • Asphalt resurfacing
  • Road construction: road & trench repair
  • Patch repair
  • ADA compliant speed Hump – speed bump installation
  • Stormwater drainage solutions repair- installation
  • Catch basin repair
  • Pavement box- out
  • Line Striping
  • Snow Removal- Winter maintenance
  • Site Preparation- Select excavating

Our parking lot services

Asphalt Paving
Asphalt Milling
Patch Work / Crack Filling
Catch Basin Repair / Rebuilding
Snow Removal
Site Preparation
New Construction
sub-grading to pavement installation
Pavement Box-Out
Line Striping
Road Paving